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Chinese Tuina Massage

Come in and discover our variety of spa treatments including the Chinese Tuina therapy performed by licensed therapists. Get pampered at our world class spa. It is completely different from other types of massages which are used to treat musculoskeletal ailments. It is must for a therapist to have a clear comprehension of the Chinese Medicine. That’s why we have our trained Tuina experts to offer massage services for our clients. Our dedicated spa team can help you ensure that your visit to our spa parlor enhances your overall wellbeing. We also have our skilled staffs offering customized spa sessions to your unique needs. Book our Chinese Tuina massage session today.
At Mesa Asian Massage, we offer advanced massaging services to all genders at affordable prices. This massage is one of the most ideal approaches to get rid of pressure and sore muscles performed by our licensed therapists in our relaxing environment. It is a soothing and refreshing act of pressing your body muscles to improve the blood flow.
Full Body Massage
Table Shower Massage
Are you ready for a day at our spa to enjoy the table shower massage in Mesa, AZ? Rejuvenate your whole body system by uisng our free table shower service in Mesa Asian Massage. You feel calm and relaxed during our massage session. It can help to reduce muscular pain, chronic pain, increases flexibility, improves postures, reduces anxiety and improves sleep habits.

Back Walking Treatment

Back walk massage therapy is a bodywork method of impacting your muscles using feet. It is performed by stepping slowly on your back portion of the body. Our message therapists at Mesa Asian Massage can truly help you achieve your health goals and stay happy forever. If you’re looking for a perfect back walk massage therapy in Mesa, contact us. We are well known for our body massage treatments to relax and revitalize your mind and body. Visit us for a nourishing result oriented back walk massage therapy. Our services are tailored based on individuals needs.

Hot Stone Treatment

If you ready to relax and renew your whole body, then call 480-839-1129 for a hot stone massage in Mesa. In this therapy, our therapist places hot stones on your back portion of the body for about an hour. The heat from the stones relaxes your muscles when deep pressure is applied. If you are interested to get benefit from a hot stone massage in Mesa, choose us. We guarantee that every effort in the massage therapy will provide you a lifetime beneficial experience. We make sure that your day is well spent in our tranquil massage center. Visit us to feel the difference.

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